About the project

As a partner, Riga Airport participates in the project "BSR Hydrogen Air Transport – Preparation of Baltic Sea Region Airports for Green Hydrogen" (BSR HyAirport) supported by the "Green Mobility" funding category of the Interreg Baltic Sea Programme. The initiator of the project is Hamburg Airport, and a total of 16 partners – airports, airlines, research institutions and technology companies from Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland and Germany – and 24 associated organizations take part in it. From the Latvian side, the Latvian Hydrogen Association, the Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies and the aviation fuel supplier SIA “Gulfsteram Oil" are also involved in the project as partners, while the national airline "airBaltic", Liepāja Airport, the Civil Aviation Agency and the Ministry of Transport are among the associated participants.

The implementation of the project started in November 2023 and will last until 31 October 2026.

About the project



The aim of "BSR HyAirport" project is to create the preconditions for the adaptation of the airport infrastructure for hydrogen-powered aircraft, to prepare the airport for storage, processing and delivery of green hydrogen as a future energy source in aviation.

The project is implemented to revive regional air traffic in the future and to better connect the Baltic Sea regions with existing air hubs; therefore, several smaller airports and regional airlines are also involved in the partnership.


The total budget of "BSR HyAirport" project is EUR 4.8 million. About EUR 420 thousand are planned for the work of Riga Airport in the three-year period.


Three work packages are planned in the project: development of solutions, implementation of pilot projects and transfer of solutions/knowledge; several activities are planned in each package. Riga Airport will be involved in the research and development of the legal framework for the introduction of hydrogen technology in the work processes of aircraft maintenance and aerodrome equipment, as well as in the testing of hydrogen-powered aircraft and aerodrome maintenance equipment, as well as in the communication of the project results with the project's target groups and in the development of a sustainability plan for project results.


Riga Airport Gets Involved in an Ambitious Hydrogen Testing Project 

Results to be achieved

Within the framework of the project, a new knowledge and experience base will be created for the use of hydrogen technology in aviation – from the development of legal regulations, requirements and processes to the development of green gaseous hydrogen supply chains from the production site to filling in aircraft and ground handling equipment. It is planned to develop the prerequisites for the Airport infrastructure, which is adapted to hydrogen-powered aircraft, and to carry out testing of hydrogen-powered airfield equipment and aircraft.