If your baggage is eligible to be transported as checked baggage, but its size or shape prevents you from placing it on the conveyor belt, the check-in agent will ask you to go through the oversized baggage security check.

What is non-standard and oversized baggage?

This category includes odd-shaped items such as bicycles, skis, large sports equipment, and other similar articles. Please note that bicycles must be packed in a box or a special case.

What to do if I have to transport such baggage?

Prepare your ID and boarding pass before checking-in oversized baggage. Show them to the security inspector at the X-ray machine. Place the baggage on the conveyor belt only when instructed to do so by the security inspector. Be sure to receive a confirmation from the inspector that your baggage will not be subject to additional security screening.

What if I want to carry items that do not meet the requirements for cabin baggage or checked baggage?

In this case, please consult your airline or book the services of one of the official cargo operators available at the Riga Airport.