• We have goals that we want to achieve to ensure our growth and the growth of our country and society. Every goal has to be valuable.  We create the value by developing sustainable services and infrastructure, taking care of employees, keeping up with the society and local community. We create new value by investing in the welfare of the society and protecting the environment. 
  • We plan and create sustainable future. Valuable future.
Our Sustainability Goals
Impact on the Climate Change

We want to reduce our CO2 emissions by 65 % until 2030, compared to 2014.

Circular Economy

Until the end of 2030 we plan to reduce the proportion of unsorted household waste to 60 % of the total amount of household waste.


We will improve the drinking water quality in the Airport and promote rational consumption of water resources, including repeated use of water.


We will manage the Airport territory in ecologically responsible and operatively safe manner, and will ensure that it does not impact biological diversity, as much as possible.

Ethical and Transparent Management

We will promote sustainable and fair business environment in Latvia ensuring responsible and ethical management, safe work places, fair remuneration and positive impact on the supply chain.

We will take care of quality of living space for the inhabitants of the area adjacent to the Airport, maintaining continuous dialogue with the municipality, local businesspeople and inhabitants.


We will promote development of aviation industry, retaining and attracting highly qualified specialists, ensuring growth opportunities and achievement-oriented working environment.

Quality of Services and Passenger Experience

We will improve experience of passengers and partners, making the processes more efficient, implementing innovations and automation.

Economic Impact and Employment

We will promote the growth of the Latvian national economy, ensuring the connectivity of the state, and direct and indirect work places.

Sustainable Destination

In cooperation with tourism organisations and local municipalities we will promote the development of Latvia as a sustainable Northern Europe destination .


To improve the connectivity between the Airport as an international multi-modal traffic hub and Riga and nearby community we will promote the use of types of transport with relatively low CO2 emissions.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Aware of our role in sustainable development, in step with the development of the materiality matrix we have identified the priority and secondary UN Sustainable Development Goals corresponding to our activity.

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