We seek to reduce the unsorted household waste we produce and optimise its sorting and recycling as much of it as possible.

Waste containers and information activities

Separate waste containers for PET, glass and paper are placed in the airport terminal and the technical services buildings. This has helped us gradually reduce the share of unsorted waste in the overall flow of household waste. Through various information activities, we educate passengers and staff in how to make waste management more environmentally friendly.

Collection of hazardous and household waste

The airport also generates hazardous waste as a result of maintaining its buildings and equipment and other operational processes. In order to ensure environmentally safe short-term storage of the waste, municipal and hazardous waste is transported to a specially built waste collection hangar, from where the waste is transferred to licensed waste management companies.

Deposit system

The airport’s tenants and passengers are encouraged to participate in the deposit system to reduce the amount of waste entering the overall flow of waste. Passengers can drop their deposit packaging at a special drop-off station in the terminal located before security checkpoint, while the airport’s tenants can sign a contract with SIA ‘Depozīta iekārtu operators’.